Jennifer Kincheloe – The Body in Griffith Park: An Anna Blanc Mystery
Fiction / August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019 – Women aren’t allowed to be police officers in 1908 Los Angeles, but that’s never stopped Anna Blanc from catching killers. Besides, it’s not her fault she keeps stumbling across corpses, or that she’s the keenest legal mind this side of Sherlock Holmes. Jennifer Kincheloe joins us to chat about her latest mystery staring her whiskey-sipping fallen socialite with her third novel: The Body in Griffith Park. You can catch our chat about her debut, The Secret Life of Anna Blanc, and follow-up, The Woman in the Camphor Trunk. Find our guest at, or on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Jennifer works at the consulting firm KicheloeHealth, and has been a policy researcher at UCLA.  Her books have earned the Colorado Gold Award for Mystery and the Mystery and Mayhem Award, as well as spots as a finalist for the MacAvirty Sue Feder Historical Mystery Award, the Left Coast Crime “Lefty” Award for Best Historical Mystery Novel, and the Colorado Author’s League Award for Genre Fiction. Podcast: Download (Duration: 43:16 — 99.0MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

Q&A with David Bruns and J. R. Olson – Rules of Engagement: A Novel
Crime , Fiction , Q&A / August 19, 2019

We welcome David Bruns and J.R. Olson to answer some questions about their novel, Rules of Engagement. The book deals with cyberwarfare, as the Internet Age offers a new front in global conflicts, one that is rewriting history as you’re reading this page. Think how the ironclads USS Monitor and CSS Virginia (Merrimack) clashing in the Civil War rendered wood-hulled ships obsolete, or how tanks rolling onto the Western Front transformed in the First World War and radar did the same in the Second. Winston Churchill said, “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind,” and that’s why co-authors David Bruns and J.R. Olson are here to imagine how World War III might unfold on these new frontiers where digital bullets fly across the world at the speed of thought. The co-authors are both graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy and creators of The WMD Files series of national security thrillers. David Bruns was an officer in the submarine force and J.R. Olson served more than 20 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring as a commander. He now teaches college courses in Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. Both authors call Minnesota home. They have collaborated on previous works and…

Charles Fishman – One Giant Leap: The Impossible Mission That Flew Us to the Moon
Exploration / August 12, 2019

August 12, 2019 – Our time machine boldly goes where no man has gone before, fulfilling President John F. Kennedy’s 1961 challenge to put an American on the moon and return him safely to earth by the end of that decade. Half a century after NASA fulfilled JFK’s vision in the summer of 1969, we look back at the long road of 10,000 small human steps and giant technological leaps, that led to Neil Armstrong stamping his footprint in the lunar dust. Guiding our voyage from Mission Control is Charles Fishman, author of… One Giant Leap: The Impossible Mission That Flew Us to the Moon. Charles Fishman has earned three Gerald Loeb Awards, the most prestigious prize in business journalism. He’s also the acclaimed author of The Wal-Mart Effect and The Big Thirst, as well as co-author of A Curious Mind with Academy Award-winning producer and New York Times best-selling author Brian Grazer. Find our guest on Twitter at CFishman. If you enjoy gazing up at the stars, I highly recommend these previous interviews: Lynn Sherr – Sally Ride: America’s First Woman in Space Dow Phumiruk – Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13     Podcast: Download…

Q&A with Jason Emerson – Mary Lincoln for the Ages
American Presidents , Q&A / August 5, 2019

We welcome Jason Emerson, who’s here to introduce us to a figure we may all think we know, but we don’t have as clear a picture of as we should. His book is Mary Lincoln for the Ages. Jason Emerson is a journalist and an independent historian who has been researching and writing about the Lincoln family for more than twenty-five years. His works include The Madness of Mary Lincoln; Giant in the Shadows: The Life of Robert T. Lincoln; Mary Lincoln’s Insanity Case: A Documentary History; and Lincoln’s Lover: Mary Lincoln in Poetry. You can find him @JasonEmersonHistorian on Facebook or Jason.Emerson7 on Instagram. THE HISTORY AUTHOR SHOW: Thanks for being here, Jason. I want to start with the cover of Mary Lincoln for the Ages. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look quite so alive and vibrant, which is fitting as you bring her to life here for readers. Why chose that portrait attributed to Nicolas H. Shepherd? Jason Emerson: Thanks for having me here. I love the cover of my book. It’s difficult to create a good cover design when writing about Mary, since there are only a handful of photos of her that are known to exist. If you look,…