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Cathy did a fantastic job discovering my family history. I gave them only a few details – the names of my parents and grandparents, along with the fact that my father was born in a small town in Lancashire, England in 1900. From there, I was amazed by what they found for me. I now know of the long history of coal miners in my family, the fact that I have 10 men named James in my family, and that my 5th great-grandfather was born in 1762! Great job, History Author team! You helped me learn about my history.

– Lynn M., Canada

A couple of years ago my coworker’s wife gave me one of the best birthday presents: My family history. Like a set of Russian dolls, I kept unwrapping the information to discover new and fascinating things about my roots. And, just when I thought I knew everything, there was more!  I would highly recommend these services if you’re curious about your family history, or even if you just want to surprise someone with a truly unique and sentimental gift.  

 – Alice M., New York, New York

I knew that I was of Irish descent, but I didn’t realize that when they finished my research, my tree would be filled with over 600 family members and that almost all of them were Irish! I now can show this tree to my grandchildren and they can be proud of their heritage. Cathy did a great job communicating throughout the research, letting me know how things were going, and pointing out some of my black sheep ancestors. It seems the boys in my family were very fond of Reform School! I love the book format. Excellent keepsake!

E. Francis C., Canada

Cathy did an amazing job researching our convoluted family history.  Spanning many generations and continents, she was able to prepare a fascinating and nuanced history of our well-traveled family going back hundreds of years.  Accounts of our ancestors we had no idea of were brought to light and presented in a way that brought their stories to life.  Cathy’s approach is friendly and very professional.  Using the modest amount of family information I could provide, she quickly utilized a wide range of archival sources to prepare a very detailed history.  I can’t thank Cathy enough; the work she did in uncovering our family history and the documentation she prepared for me will be passed on to my children, thus becoming a family heirloom in its own right.  I highly recommend and endorse her work.

Letham B., Chicago, Illinois

 Catherine Karayanis is amazing. When I got stalled a few generations back, she opened the door not only to my roots here in America, but to foreign countries as well. Her research didn’t just uncover the basic facts: births, marriages, deaths, but also snippets of personal information that allowed me to “know” my ancestors. What a treasure! I wouldn’t have thought it possible. It has been so exciting to get a glimpse into the lives of those who have gone before me. My deepest thanks to you, Cathy!

 – Cindy S., Canton, Ohio

As a gift for my children—and someday their children—I asked Cathy to look into the ancestry of my wife and I to identify the individuals in our family tree who left their homelands, traveled to the New World and set in motion the relationships that made my children possible. She did that and more. Cathy took my research and more than doubled the number of individuals in our family tree. While some lines have proved difficult, she plumbed others back centuries. Like a detective, Cathy provided the evidence that documents our family’s genealogical trail. I presented a copy of a simple declaration document from the 1930s that Cathy found to my mother-in-law for her birthday. It identified her parents and older siblings, their address at the time and the name of the ship which brought her father to the United States. Seeing the names of her family moved her to tears, as did her father’s signature on the bottom of the form—he died just a few years later. Everyone loves a good story and Cathy will deliver the story that led to you. I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy Karayanis and will employ her again to tackle my more elusive ancestors. 

 – Tom G., Dexter, Michigan

Learning about our family history was truly a gift for my entire family.  Cathy captured the essence of that desire in the carefully designed book she researched and created.  The excitement of exploring our ancestry has continued to spark discussion and interest.

– James W., Cary, North Carolina

I could not be happier with the work that Catherine did. She was thorough, patient and could not have been more helpful. She took a string of imperfect information, a bunch of misinformation and made it coherent and concise. What started with a hunch turned into information dating back 600 years and over 1200 members of the tree. Catherine was very patient through various revisions and the trickling of information to help complete the picture and correct a lot of misinformation. Could not have been happier!

Jim L., River Edge, New Jersey

Cathy did a great job in researching our family history. I’ve always been curious about our family history but could never remember all the names, dates, birthplaces, etc. My parents have some knowledge but I was concerned the important (and accurate) information and pictures would not be passed on to future generations. Cathy was able to find a treasure of information and consolidate everything including photos into a sentimental and priceless gift for our family. I highly recommend her work. She made this project fun and it only took a few weeks.

Dan M., Naperville, Illinois

I hired Catherine to put together a genealogy book for my family. She did a tremendous amount of research and found some really special documents and information about my family. Catherine was also very patient with me and listened to what I wanted to accomplish. My final book was beautiful and the perfect surprise present for my parents for their 50th anniversary! I would use her again!

Miriam L., Closter, New Jersey

Thanks so much for doing a very timely, professional research and reporting job for me in the Bergen County, New Jersey, area. I am happy to recommend you to others for their genealogical needs including forensic genealogy and reporting in your region. I will be sure to use you again when I next have a need in your geographic area.

 – Michael S. Ramage., J.D., Certified Genealogist(R), Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Catherine picked up the phone right away. I knew that I was dealing with an energetic professional immediately and I felt comfortable in making the assignment. She understood the objective and performed the searches expertly the following day.
Catherine did exactly what I needed done, gave me a professional report with the attachments and created a reasonable invoice. I was extremely pleased with her service and would recommend her without question.

John A. Hoda, CLI, CFE, President, Hoda Investigations, LLC

Cathy was an amazing help (and still is) to unearth so much about my family’s heritage. She truely enjoys what she does, which makes her do a great job at it. She’s quick and detailed. She helped me with needed paperwork to get my son and Father In Law admitted in to the DAR/SAR. Prices are very good for the work done and timelines of everything. Thanks for everything Catherine.

 – Adam R., Ridgewood, New Jersey

Amazing! I can’t recommend using her service enough. As a Christmas present, I paid to find my wife’s family lineage. During the process, we discovered that my wife had direct ancestors on the Mayflower, numerous relatives that fought in the American Revolution, and even some Welsh kings dating back to the first couple centuries AD. She was even able to find my lineage for my parents, including my biological father whom I have never met. If that isn’t top notch service, I don’t know what is. Not only was the outcome amazing, but it was an absolute pleasure dealing with her throughout. You may think the cost is high, but I assure you, it is low for what you get. I even can add to our family tree, which we did recently with the birth of our daughter, Theodosia. Again, an absolute must, especially for anybody who loves history!

 – Joshua S., Enterprise, Alabama

What’s a great Christmas present for the parents that have everything ? A genealogy book detailing both of their family trees! Catherine K. did a fabulous job weaving together the details of their lives. She discovered the 7 generations of physicians in the family plus she was able to trace our heritage back to Europe in the 1600’s! If you love genealogy and you’re curious about your true heritage,  this truly enriching gift of love and family is a precious treasure.

Charlene W., Cary, North Carolina