Helen Rappaport – The Race to Save the Romanovs
Royals / July 16, 2018

July 16, 2018 – In this episode, we witnesses a pivotal moment in world history and the evolution of European monarchies: The massacre of the Romanov family, ending the family’s 400-year reign at Czar Nicholas II. Our guide on this journey is Helen Rappaport who brings us The Race to Save the Romanovs: The Truth Behind the Secret Plans to Rescue the Russian Imperial Family. Amidst the carnage of the Great War and Russian Revolution, myths and out-right lies about the family have clouded the popular view of the Czar’s end. But here for the first time — thanks in part to the opening of post-Soviet archives and DNA testing — we have the true story of what happened to the Czar, Czarina and their children, closing the book at last. Helen F. Rappaport is a British historian, best-selling author, and former actress who studied Russian at Leeds University. Her previous books include The Romanov Sisters,  Victoria, The Last Days of the Romanovs, and Conspirator: Lenin in Exile. Visit her at HelenRappaport.Com or at Helen Rappaport ‏on Twitter.     Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:00:23 — 138.2MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

Sarah Fraser – The Prince Who Would Be King: The Life and Death of Henry Stuart
Royals / June 5, 2018

June 4, 2018 – Our time machine travels back to the Tudor and Stuart period of the British monarchy, to meet a prince on track to be the great King Henry the IX, had his life not been cut short. Our guide on this royal journey is Sarah Fraser, author of The Prince Who Would Be King: The Life and Death of Henry Stuart. Henry Stuart’s life — subject of the BBC 2 documentary The Best King We Never Had — is the last great forgotten Jacobean tale, lost in the turmoil of the Thirty Years’ War and sweeping changes taking place across Europe at the turn of the 17th Century. Sarah Fraser won the 2012 Saltire First Scottish Book of the Year for her acclaimed debut The Last Highlander, which in 2016 also became a New York Times ebook bestseller. She’s a writer and regular contributor on TV and radio, with a PhD in ribald Gaelic poetry. Visit her online at SarahFraser.co.uk, where you can find her speaking schedule and regular blogs about the tumultuous Stuart era. You can also follow her on Twitter @Sarah_FraserUK.     Podcast: Download (Duration: 47:55 — 109.7MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts |…

Dr. Anna Keay – The Last Royal Rebel: The Life & Death of James, Duke of Monmouth
Royals / March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017 – This week, we step into the Tardis, and travel back in time to a United Kingdom facing a rebellion in the late 1600s. The leader of this uprising to seize the crown is Charles II’s illegitimate son, James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth. He’s the sort of figure we love: One wronged by generations of falsehoods, until a dedicated historian tells the true story. That author is Dr. Anna Keay, and the book that sets the record straight is The Last Royal Rebel – The Life & Death of James, Duke of Monmouth. Dr. Keay earned her PhD on court ceremonial in the reign of Charles II at the University of London, and is director of the Landmark Trust, a charity that rescues historic buildings and turns them into places for all of us to holiday among the memories of our past. You can find her at AnnaKeay.co.uk or @AnnaLandmark on Twitter, and plan your next holiday in the past, at the Landmark Trust.       Podcast: Download (Duration: 51:09 — 51.3MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More