Kathleen Shanahan Maca – Galveston’s Broadway Cemeteries / Ghosts of Galveston
Uncategorized / October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016 – This week, is Halloween, so we’re piling into the Munsters Car, cranking up the Dark Shadows music, and talking about two books that would fit neatly Morticia Addams’ nightstand. Our guest is genealogist and author Kathleen Shanahan Maca, who brings us Galveston’s Broadway Cemeteries, and Ghosts of Galveston. One of the oldest cities in Texas, Galveston has suffered many tragedies — hurricanes, yellow fever, fires, and a major Civil War Battle — and those who didn’t survive, started to fill its cemetery, starting in 1839. It’s also why people have a lot of fun with ghost stories, and use people’s fascination with things that go bump in the night, to preserve their very real history. You can visit this week’s guest at KathleenMaca.com, follow her @AuthorMaca on Twitter, and like her at Facebook.com/AuthorKathleenShanahanMaca — which you’ll certainly want to do if you enjoy old photographs of this great old Texas town on the Gulf Coast.     Podcast: Download (Duration: 41:21 — 37.9MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

Harold I. Gullan – Cradles of Power: The Mothers and Fathers of the American Presidents
American Presidents / October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016 – This week, with an eye on the upcoming U.S. presidential election, our time machine visits the childhood of the 43 bouncing baby boys who’ve served in the Oval Office — which, yes, means changing Grover Cleveland’s diaper on two, non-consecutive occasions. Dr. Harold I. Gullan brings us, Cradles of Power: The Mothers and Fathers of the American Presidents. There have been so many great authors writing about first ladies, including Feather S. Foster, who you heard chat with us about her book, Mary Lincoln’s Flannel Pajamas: And Other Stories from the First Ladies’ Closet. Yet you’ll search in vain to find a book about the mothers and fathers of our presidents. This week’s guest, fills that space on our bookshelves. Hal Gullan earned a master’s degree in education from St. Joseph’s University and a Ph.D. in history from Temple University. He has previously touched on the subject of molding young minds into leaders in his books, First Fathers: The Men Who Inspired Our Presidents, as well as, Faith of Our Mothers. And, with an eye on Election Day 2016, you might also want to check out his title, The Upset That Wasn’t: Harry S. Truman and…

Rich & Sandra Neil Wallace – Blood Brother, Jonathan Daniels and His Sacrifice for Civil Rights
Civil Rights / October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 – This week, our time machine travels back to 1965, where we’ll meet Jonathan Daniels — a white seminary student who answered Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s call to help with voter registration in Loundes County, Alabama. After the voting rights marches, Daniels remained to assist civil rights workers — and gave his life saving black teenager Ruby Sales from a shotgun blast. Today, you can find Dr. Sales at The Spirit House, still working for the cause of civil rights. Rich Wallace and Sandra Neil Wallace — like Jonathan Daniels — live in New Hampshire, where they discovered this local hero’s sacrifice through his letters, papers, taped interviews, and stunning photographs — many, never before shared with the public. The result is the book, Blood Brother: Jonathan Daniels and His Sacrifice for Civil Rights. You’ve seen Sandra Neil Wallace’s work as a news anchor and ESPN sportscaster. Rich Wallace has written over three dozen novels for children and teens, and co-wrote titles such as Babe Conquers the World with Sandra. The Young Adult Library Services Association named his novel Wrestling Sturbridge, one of the 100 Best of the Best for the Twenty-First Century. You can find…

Laurie Halse Anderson – The Seeds of America Trilogy
Colonial America / October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016 – This week, our time machine returns to the days of the Revolutionary War, and views it through the eyes of Isabel and Curzon, two of the African-American children held in slavery. Laurie Halse Anderson’s trilogy, The Seeds of America, includes the books Chains, Forge, and the just-released blistering conclusion, Ashes. Laura Halse Anderson is a New York Times-bestselling author who has earned numerous American Library Association and state awards. Not only did she talk about her own writing, but she shared her passion for inspiring young people to love history, and gave advice on how they can get their work published. Chains was a National Book Award finalists, and also made the Carnegie Medal Shortlist in the U.K. You can enjoy her blogging at MadWomanInTheForest.com, and link up with her on Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you enjoy The Seeds of America Trilogy, you may check out our previous interview with Chris Stevenson on his book, The Drum of Destiny, which views the revolution through an orphaned indentured servant, who dreams of joining the Patriot Army.       Podcast: Download (Duration: 59:49 — 54.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

Paul Kahan – Amiable Scoundrel: Simon Cameron, Lincoln’s Scandalous Secretary of War
Civil War / October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 – This week, our time machine has a familiar face in the passenger seat. It’s Paul Kahan, who joined us previously to discuss The Bank War: Andrew Jackson, Nicholas Biddle, and the Fight for American Finance. You can catch that interview at History Author.com or wherever you’re listening now, and you enjoy the video we produced illustrating the political and journalistic changes occurring at the time of the Bank War. Paul joins us again to discuss his latest work, Amiable Scoundrel: Simon Cameron, Lincoln’s Scandalous Secretary of War. From abject poverty to undisputed political boss of Pennsylvania — no easy feat in the notoriously fractious Keystone State — Simon Cameron served as senator, and ultimately Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War as the nation tore itself apart over slavery, at the outset of the Civil War. You can visit this week’s guest at PaulKahan.com, or follow him on Twitter @Paul_Kahan, and check out his subject at the The John Harris – Simon Cameron Mansion in Harrisburg, PA.         Podcast: Download (Duration: 58:12 — 53.3MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More