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Sheila Myers – The Truth of Who You Are (a Novel)

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May 2, 2022 – Imagine you’re struggling to feed your family during the Great Depression, and you cause a tragic accident at work. Do you risk your precious job at a time of sky-high unemployment and breadlines, or let someone else take the fall for what you did wrong? We’ll meet a young man who faced that dilemma with award-winning novelist Sheila Myers who brings us The Truth of Who You Are.

In this based-on-a-true-story work of historical fiction, we meet Ben Taylor, whose decision stateside with the New Deal’s Civilian Conservation Corps follows him from Great Smoky Mountains all way to the France during the Battle of the Bulge and back.

Sheila Myers is a college professor of ecology in Upstate New York. Her previous work of historical fiction earned the 2017 Best Book of Fiction by the Adirondack Center for Writing.

Sheila’s Durant Family Saga followed Union Pacific Railroad tycoon Dr. Thomas C. Durant, and his children, from the 1870s throughout their boom-and-bust lives. We interviewed her about each book in the trilogy.

Book 1: Imaginary Brightness

Book 2: Castles in the Air

Book 3: The Night Is Done

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Special thanks to Rob Hilliard for submitting a question for the interview. You can hear my conversation with Rob about his book, A Season on the Allegheny, in our archives wherever you enjoy the show.