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Paul Kahan – The Bank War

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February 22, 2016 – This week, we sling-shot around the sun at high warp, sending us tumbling back in time to the Summer of 1832 — and America, at war. It’s not a conflict over land or of arms, but over the fiscal system of the young republic. Our guide on this journey is Paul Kahan, and his book is The Bank War: Andrew Jackson, Nicholas Biddle, and the Fight for American Finance.

The fight against the Second Bank of the United States may have been the most frustrating fight of President Jackson’s life, since — for once — he couldn’t end things by simply shooting or threatening to shoot his opponent in the face.

Dr. Kahan holds a Ph.D. in U.S. history from Temple University, an M.A. in Modern American History & Literature, and B.A.s in history and English. He’s also the author of two books on Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary, and another titled, The Homestead Strike: Labor, Violence, and American History Critical Moments in American Industry.

You can visit him at, or follow him on Twitter @Paul_Kahan.