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Jenni L. Walsh – The Call of the Wrens

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July 30, 2023 – What did service in the World Wars mean to women who found new opportunities to enter the workforce and join the fight as never before? We’ll go on a fictional ride with one of those service members with today’s novelist, Jenni Walsh.

Her novel is “The Call of the Wrens,” the third she joined us to discuss after her debut, “Becoming Bonnie,” and its sequel, “Side By Side,” about “the crash of the century,” when Bonnie Parker met Clyde Barrow. You can find those conversations in our archives wherever you enjoy the show or via the links above.

In “The Call of the Wrens,” Jenni introduces us to the women of Britain’s Women’s Royal Naval Service who are shaped by service in the Great War and twenty years later in World War Two, when they’re confronted by a life-changing moment that they meet head on at 70 miles an hour.

It’s a vivid, emotional saga of love, secrets, resilience—and the knowledge that the future will always belong to the brave souls who fight for it.

Visit our guest at, follow her @JenniLWalsh on Twitter and Instagram, and like her page on Facebook. Special thanks to Shannon Hargreaves of @the_reel_bookery on Instagram for submitting a video question for this interview.