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James Golden – Rush on the Radio: A Tribute from His Sidekick for 30 Years

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December 13, 2021 – How did a college dropout from Missouri, grow up to win five Marconi awards and rescue AM radio — to have one U.S. president carry his bags into the Lincoln bedroom, and another award him the Medal of Freedom? It’s the amazing life story of radio’s greatest of all time, Rush Limbaugh, from his long-time friend James Golden, known better to tens of millions of listeners as Bo Snerdley.

The book is Rush on the Radio: A Tribute from His Sidekick for 30 Years, an intimate portrait of someone who strove for excellence every day, even as he battled terminal lung cancer. This is a unique and special episode for host and guest, since Dean joined Rush’s TV show in 1995 and rejoined the website in 2000, having been part of the EIB Network team ever since. The result is a unique and heartfelt interview.

His most recent Washington Times column cites some of the parallels between Rush opening up talk radio to all voices and upstart Rumble’s efforts to take on YouTube. The piece is titled, “All Americans should join Rumble’s free speech fight.”

James Golden is a long-time radio producer, call screener, and the host. You can catch him on 77 WABC New York at 4-5PM Weekdays and 8-10AM Saturday mornings, or via his show podcast. You can also listen to his iHeartRadio series, Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind the Golden EIB Microphone.

Visit him at, or find him on social media at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, where you can find me as well.