Don Glickstein – After Yorktown

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after yorktownMarch 21, 2016 – Today, we time-travel back to the times after the times that tried men’s souls. The date is October 19, 1781, and a combined French and rebel force defeats the Redcoats at the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia. But contrary to two centuries of grade school and academic histories, the war for independence didn’t end with the surrender of General Cornwallis’s sword.

The fighting dragged on for men like George Washington, Horatio Nelson, Lafayette, and Hyder Ali. This was a world war, with fighting from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, and the Arctic to the coast of Sri Lanka.

We learn about the men who kept fighting in Don Glickstein’s debut book, After Yorktown: The Final Struggle for American Independence.  We also mentioned Fergus Bordewich’s book, The First Congress: How James Madison, George Washington, and a Group of Extraordinary Men Invented the Government.