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Brent Butt – Huge: A Novel

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October 11, 2023 – In this episode, our time machine welcomes aboard Brent Butt, who those of you in the Great White North know as the creator and star of the sitcom “Corner Gas,” so beloved by Canadians that it has spawned an animated version and a movie. He’s also host of the Butt Pod, which — since you probably have your phone out right now — I suggest you swipe over and subscribe to for some really insightful interviews.

Brent Butt puts his talents to work on the thriller genre in “Huge: A Novel.” The story hits the circuit of nameless clubs in Western Canda where two comedians — one, a veteran in the business from America; the other, a lady newcomer from Ireland — meet the aspiring headliner who’ll change their lives, and perhaps end them.

You can read more at and — speaking of our guest always growing, refusing to be pigeonholed by one genre — these days, Brent Butt is transitioning to publishing more content on Substack as he transitions away from @BrentButt on Twitter.