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Betty Boyd Caroli – Lady Bird and Lyndon

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Lady Bid and LyndonNovember 30, 2015 – Historian of First Ladies Betty Boyd Caroli introduces us to the diminutive, quiet woman who stood behind one of the most controversial presidents of the 20th Century through some of America’s most difficult years. The book is Lady Bird & Lyndon: The Hidden Story of a Marriage that Made a President.

But Clauda “Lady Bird” Johnson was more than just the flower lady. She was a shrewd business woman, and careful political tactician. Using courtship letters made available for the first time in 2013, Betty Boyd Caroli sheds light on a figure who lived such a fascinating life in her own right, that at her funeral, her husband was barely mentioned.

Ms. Caroli’s previous books include The Roosevelt Women: A Portrait In Five Generations, as well as, The First Ladies “From Martha Washington to Michelle Obama”.  You can learn more about her work at