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Dean Karayanis

Creator and host, Dean Karayanis, is a writer and historian who combines his years of knowledge in literature, history and politics with a wry sense of humor to entertain and captivate his audience with unique questions and conversation.

Dean worked as a producer for the king of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, for over 25 years with stints in TV news, on campaigns, and ghost writing for a variety of newsmakers. That varied approach can be seen in Dean’s informative and entertaining style. He’s a columnist with The New York Sun, a contributor to The Washington Times and author of Regional Greek Cooking, and holds a degree in Animal Science from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Dean is a regular guest on radio shows and podcasts, and hosts live literary events in and around New York City.


"This is one of the very best interviews that I have ever been
part of. Super prepared host, with insightful questions -- maybe
the most insightful interview questions I have ever been asked."
Fascinating and engaging
"Wow, what a great show! Through interviews and stories, this podcast makes history come alive. The interviews are expertly conducted; the host asks interesting questions and helps direct conversations in a natural way. Love hearing authors get to talk about their craft and love the how they delve into historic events and characters. Excellent use of music and high production value. Well done!"
Always a Great Conversation
"One of the good things about writing a new book
is that I get to have a fresh @HistoryDean conversation."

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