Mitchell James Kaplan – Rhapsody: A Novel

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August 23, 2021 – Everyone has heard the timeless music of George Gershwin, but we may never have heard it in quite the same way without the love of Gershwin’s life, Katharine Faulkner Swift, who he nicknamed “Kay.” Mitchell James Kaplan brings us their Jazz Age romance in his novel, Rhapsody. In it, we meet a restless society wife who attends a concert that changes her life and the face of musical theater. The song is Rhapsody in Blue, composed by the young genius, Gershwin.

Mitchell James Kaplan earned his BA with Honors in English Literature at Yale, where he won the prestigious Paine Memorial Prize. His previous novels are Into the Unbounded Night, and, By Fire, By Water. Visit him at, and on the major social media platforms where you can find me as well: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.