Jeff Guinn – The Vagabonds: The Story of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison’s Ten-Year Road Trip
Exploration / July 29, 2019

July 29, 2019 – What do you get when two icons of the Industrial Revolution pile into a Model T and speed off to look for America? A one-of-a kind road-trip, peppered with Jazz Age characters like Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs, President Calvin Coolidge, and hardscrabble fiddler Jep Bisbee. Gassing us up for this journey is Jeff Guinn who brings us The Vagabonds: The Story of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison’s Ten-Year Road Trip. Then as now, time spent stuck in a car brought frayed nerves and zany mishaps — literally bumps in the road — but there’s no better way to get the cut of someone’s jib.  Jeff Guinn is an award-winning former investigative journalist and the bestselling author of numerous books. They include Go Down Together: The True Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde, and, The Last Gunfight: The Real Story of the Shootout at the O.K. Corral Find more about our guest at his Simon & Schuster author page or toss him a like on Facebook. Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:02:46 — 143.6MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

Q&A with Duncan Ryūken Williams – American Sutra: A Story of Faith and Freedom in the Second World War
Q&A , Religion , WWII / July 22, 2019

We welcome Duncan Ryūken Williams with some enriching insights about his book, American Sutra: A Story of Faith and Freedom in the Second World War. Our guest was born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and British father, growing up in both their native countries before moving to the United States to pursue his studies. He earned a Ph.D. in Religion from Harvard and is now Professor of Religion and East Asian Languages & Cultures, and the Director of the USC Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture. Duncan Ryūken Williams previously held the Shinjo Ito Distinguished Chair of Japanese Buddhism at UC Berkeley and served as the Director of Berkeley’s Center for Japanese Studies. In 1993, he was ordained as a Buddhist priest in the Soto Zen tradition and served as the Buddhist chaplain at Harvard University from 1994-96. He last published The Other Side of Zen: A Social History of Soto Zen Buddhism in Tokugawa Japan, and he’s edited or co-edited seven others. THE HISTORY AUTHOR SHOW: First, thank you for your time and this read. I love a book that adds to my understanding of the world, especially when I didn’t realize that hole in my…

Peter Stark – Young Washington: How Wilderness and War Forged America’s Founding Father
American Presidents / July 15, 2019

July 15, 2019 –  Meet the “indispensable man” of the American Revolution, when he was just a hot-headed 22-year-old, growing into the shoes that laid down the footsteps for all future presidents to follow. Peter Stark brings the first face on Mount Rushmore to live in Young Washington: How Wilderness and War Forged America’s Founding Father. Peter Stark is an adventure writer and historian. He’s a correspondent for Outside magazine, and you’ve seen his work in places like Smithsonian, The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, and Men’s Journal. Peter Stark’s His previous book, Astoria, was a finalist for a PEN USA literary award. You can find our guest at, @StarkAdventurer on Twitter,, and @PeterStark_Adventure_Historian on Instagram. If you’re in the New York City area on July 31, 2019, Peter will appear at 7pm, as part of the New-York Historical Society’s “Non-Fiction at the Bryant Park Reading Room” summer series. Join him there!     Podcast: Download (Duration: 56:55 — 130.3MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More

Q&A with David A. Johnson – Diploma Mill: The Rise and Fall of Dr. John Buchanan
Medicine , Q&A / July 8, 2019

July 8, 2019 – We welcome David Alan Johnson to our blog, here to answer some written questions about Diploma Mill: The Rise and Fall of Dr. John Buchanan. The book chronicles the bizarre history of the Eclectic Medical College of Pennsylvania (EMC). Founded in 1850 professing lofty goals, it collapsed into spectacular disgrace 30 years later — a scandal of Ponzi proportions, in an era (the 19th Century) when American medical personnel often had little training and even less regulation. David A. Johnson serves as senior vice president at the Federation of State Medical Boards. His published works on various aspects of medical regulation and its history have appeared in Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Social History of Medicine and the Journal of Medical Regulation. He is the lead author of Medical Licensing and Discipline in America: A History of the Federation of State Medical Boards. You can find our guest online at and @DaveArlingtonTx Twitter. THE HISTORY AUTHOR SHOW: In the ten years before the mid-1870s, America suffers through the Civil War, the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson, and a deep economic panic. How does the profession of medicine evolve from 1850 when the Eclectic Medical…

Karen A. Chase – Carrying Independence: A Founding Documents Novel

July 1, 2019 – Our time machine travels back to the American Revolution, where we’ll meet Nathaniel Marten, a young Post Rider tasked with the solemn duty of gathering signatures for the Declaration of Independence. Our guide on this journey is Karen A. Chase, who brings us Carrying Independence: A Founding Documents Novel. Carrying Independence has already garnered accolades, securing second place in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Unpublished Novel Competition, and rolled its way into the semis at the Screencraft Cinematic Book competition. Her first effort, Bonjour 40: A Paris Travel Log, also met with critical acclaim, earning seven independent publishing awards. Visit our guest at, or on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Today, she lives in historic Virginia. But Karen A. Chase was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, and has a couple of ancestors who fought in the War of Independence — which gained her membership in the National Society of that Daughters of the American Revolution.     Podcast: Download (Duration: 52:26 — 120.0MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | More