CWW: Aristotle and the Case for Hate

August 3, 2016 – It’s Classical Wisdom Wednesday, presented by Classical Wisdom Weekly. For almost a year now, we’ve brought you ancient wisdom for modern minds, every Wednesday morning before your first cup of coffee. But today — the History Author Show’s 1st Anniversary, August 3, 2016 — represents our last midweek installment.

While Van Bryan will lend his voice to future episodes, he’s focusing on all the great new content at To keep up to date on the changes there, remember to sign up for their newsletter right here. (Which will also earn you some free gifts!) We want to thank Van for all his contributions, and for giving us the greatest gift of all: The gift of the great ancient thinkers.

Since you no doubt will be negative on losing this midweek dose of wisdom, we figured it was appropriate to make this swansong show about…hate. What is it? Who do we hate? And why? In a modern context, we assume hate to be similar to prejudice. We are all familiar with “hate crimes” and “hate speech”. Aristotle, however, takes something of a contrary view. Hate, he says, can sometimes be quite virtuous.